About Us

Tyre Care rose from humble beginnings in 2008 by selling tyre sealant in a small warehouse in George, also known as “The Gateway to the Garden Route”. With hard work, great service, and a team of experts in their field, it wasn’t long before the Tyre Care brand was well known. Soon after opening, they introduced inner tubes to their range and as their product range grew, so did their clientele.

Tyre Care grew by supplying their products to co-op retailers and soon realised there was a greater need in the market. In 2011 they evolved by making their primary function the focus of the local farmer. Their goal was to equip the farmers with everything needed to repair their tyres on the farm. The team made an effort to ensure that future problems involving repair and maintenance of tyres and tubes were avoided by taking into account all the farmer’s needs.

Tyre Care created the potential to revolutionize the way farmers did things. Not only would this save them money, but it would save them valuable time. This new concept would allow the farmer the luxury of repairing their damaged equipment in their own backyard without the inconvenience of transporting the goods into town. This would drastically free up his time, allowing him to tend to his farm.

With this in mind, the range was expanded by adding Patches and solutions along with various other “tyre repair” equipment. They broadened their horizons by suppling to a wider range of customers that included Agries/co-op stores across the country, delivering quality products and quality service.

Since 2017, Tyre Care has proudly partnered with their new suppliers. These new and improved tyre pressure monitoring systems were designed according to their specifications ensuring their clients’ needs are met as well as giving them a competitive edge in the market.

Tyre Care values their clients and work hard to provide them with the best possible products, service and after sales support. They believe the key difference between a great and a mediocre company, is how you treat a customer. They continue to strive towards excellence in all areas and will always try to place the customers’ needs above all.