T690 Solar Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – External Sensors


Tyre Care’s 6-wheel tyre pressure monitoring system monitors your tyres in real-time. Sensors send the tyre pressure wirelessly to the solar-powered monitor in your vehicle so that you can monitor your tyres while driving. This system detects abnormal tyre pressures, prevents tyre blowouts, and prolongs tyre life. The Six Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is aimed at the passenger vehicle market that regularly tow trailers or caravans.

Whether driving on everyday roads or in more adventurous places like dunes or 4×4 courses, the T690 is up for any challenge. Not only does it shows both pressure and temperature, but it also has an adjustable high and low-pressure setting, that’s adjustable from anything between 0,1 and 8 BAR. It will even warn you should there be a slow leak. Apart from being solar powered, it also has a backup battery that can be conveniently charged with any power bank or USB car charger.

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Features Include:
Real-time tyre pressure monitoring
Real-time tyre temperature monitoring
Solar-powered monitor
Auto adjustable backlight
Tyre rotation function
Completely wireless
Available in Internal and External sensors
Sensors are water and dustproof
Pressure units – BAR or PSI
Temperature units – Celsius or Fahrenheit
Pressure high and low alarms can be set between 0.01 and 8 BAR
Sensors are pre-set for easy installation
One year guarantee

What’s in the box
1x Solar-powered monitor
6x External sensors
6x Locknuts
1x Spanner
1x Screwdriver
1x Red double-sided stickers
1x Sticky mat

T690 User Manual

T690 User Manual